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Everyone loves pets but sometimes your living situation just won’t allow that. MetaPups let’s you experience the joy of owning your own dog but in the form of NFT. Buy on PancakeSwap

About Us

MetaPups is a BSC token in which you will be able to mint your own dog NFTs. Once you have multiple NFTs you can then breed them to create a new breed of dog. You can then put your new dog up for adoption and earn money off your newly minted puppy. Different breeds will have different characteristics that will combined once breed.


MetaPups wants to be a safe place for a investor community. Contract has been renounced. This makes it impossible to make changes like disabling selling. We also have locked the Liquidity.
Proof of liquidity lock:


  • ✓ Buy fee is 9%.
  • ✓ 2% goes towards rewarding holders in the form of BNB. This well help encourage people to hold by giving them a way to earn money without selling their token.
  • ✓ 4% goes towards liquidity. This well help stabilize the token price as we grow
  • ✓ 3% goes to dev/marketing. This will be used to devolpe our Web3 NFT website and help fund promotions.
  • ✓ The sell fee is 14%.
  • ✓ 3% goes towards the bnb reward
  • ✓ 4% goes towards liquidity
  • ✓ 7% goes towards dev/marketing wallet.

If you want to get in early on a project this is your chance. We are a newly launched token. As our marketcap grows we will be able to used funds from fees to accelerate development.

Road Map

Phase 1

Launch token and website.

Phase 2

Focus on marketing. We will do paid advertising on Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram. As the marketing wallet grows we will start promoting using influencers on tiktok and YouTube. Twitter giveaways will happen around this time.

Phase 3

First NFTs launched. You will get your first chance at owning your own MetaPup! Web3 site will be functional but without the breeding features. Contract audit is planned for this phase.

Phase 4

Breeding features will be complete. Depending on funds we would also like to have other features launched around this time. Things like dog training, dog parks where you can complete against other pups in challenges, and the ability get paid by other pup owners so they can use your dog to breed.

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